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Welcome to the Official Homepage of African Christian Homes and Rehabilitation Centre.

Welcome to African Christian Homes and Rehabilitation Centre(ACHRC).This is a Non-Governmental organization that works under six (6) main Ministries. The Ministries are,
ACHRC recognizes the fact that HIV and AIDS have serious implication for national development for Ghana in the 21st Century. Ghana's human resource, the cradle of the nation's development is at risk of being depleted by the fast spreading HIV/AIDS menace. This calls for serious and concerted approach to addresses the issue. Under this ministry we have organized a lot of workshops in the some various schools and other places.

The REHABILITATION OF COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS MINISTRY: This part stands to help women in the sex trade to acquire employable skills such as sewing, Batik Tye & dye and Hair Braiding.

The ORPHANS/AIDS ORPHANS (HAPPY FAMILY HOMES) MINISTRY: This ministry supports the government by taking care of Orphans. We have acquired three (3) acres of land at Tanoso near Techiman in the Brong Ahafo Region to put up the Happy Family Home, Schools and Rehabilitation Centre for the orphans and Street Children.

The STREET CHILDREN PROJECT MINISTRY: Is in to offer the street children the needed support and care. We have currently 150 children out of the street and Re unite them with their families.10 are in school and ten (10) are learning various trade from sewing to Electronics.

ALEC BROOK CENTRE FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT: Where training is given to the youth on some skill training such as Hair Braiding, Soap Making, Pomade Making, Sewing and Tie&dye Making.

The last of our Ministries is the SOCIAL WORK MINISTRY: This is stands to defend people who have been cheated in the society such as marital disputes, monetary fights and other social issues. We advice and also support them with our lawyers where it matters most.

These are what the various ministries stands for. We are working tremendously hard under these ministries to help the United Nations in its campaign for human survival

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