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To love with God's love and to support spiritually, physically, and mentally those persons with HIV/AIDS and their families and loved ones with the leading of the Holy Spirit, to help those who are dying to know Jesus Christ as their personal saviour so that they might enter into eternal life with him.

When the UN Security Council held its first meeting of the 21st Century, its concern was not on Nuclear War or International Terrorism, but AIDS.
The pandemic threatens not only millions of lives but global security. Nations, Communities, and families have lost the leaders of today and tomorrow. Health care systems have been overwhelmed, economies undermined, and schools robbed of both students and teachers.
AIDS has killed at least 22 million people worldwide, and another 36 million are living with AIDS or HIV infection. AIDS will kill at least one-third of the young men and women in countries where it has it firmest hold, and in some places up to two-thirds. Never before in history has deaths rates of the magnitude been seen among young adults of both sexes and from all walks of life.
The pandemic is worse in Africa where 17 million people have died, 26 million infected, and 12 million children have been orphaned. But no country is spared.
Case of infection doubled last year in Russia and increased by almost 20% in the Caribbean. Epidemiologist warn that India, with an HIV infected population rapidly rising above 4 million, could have more AIDS cases by 2010 than all of Africa has today.

"This is a treat to an entire generation; this is a threat to an entire civilization" said UN Sec Gen Kofi Annan
Samaritans Purse

Faith African Evangelism Inc. is a Non-Denominational and Evangelistic Ministry. The aims and Objectives of the ministry are to win souls for Christ. To spread the word of God. We distribute Bibles, Books and Tracks to other Churches and Ministries. We also organize crusades and revivals.
The Ministry was formed in Freetown-Sierra Leone in 1992 but due to the war in that country, we moved to Ghana in 1997. Faith African Evangelism was registered in Ghana with registration No. G 4301.A Certificate was issued to operate as Ministry, Orphanage, Rehabilitation of Sex workers and a Disaster Relief Agency
We are briefly involved in Rehabilitation of some displace people and some of the war combatants in Sierra-Leone. In Ghana, we saw the need for the Ministry to open an NGO to help some of the people we share the word of God with. In 1999 after prayers and fasting, African Christian Homes and Rehabilitation Centre was found as a subsidiary of Faith African Evangelism Inc.

Africa Christian Homes and Rehabilitation Centre are Involved In The Following
1. Skills Training, Rehabilitation of Commercial sex workers, Orphanage care, Disaster Relief.
The centre has also acquired 23 acres of land at Tanoso near Techiman in the Brong Ahafo Region in Ghana. To build a Permanent Rehabilitation centre, Orphanage and Schools.
The Centre, in conjunction with West Africa Project to Combat AIDS has embarked on STD, HIV/AIDS Awareness campaign to get our Youth sensitized on the dangers of HIV/AIDS and FEMALE CIRCUMCISION with emphasize on our Youth in Secondary Schools, With the Theme: THE DANGERS OF AIDS TO OUR YOUTH IN THE 21st CENTURY.
ACHRC offers counseling for STD, HIV/AIDS patients and education, the counseling team visits the people living with AIDS twice a day, morning and evening as at now ACHRC has 30 AIDS orphans under its care. we lost 5 of our patients.

Since ACHRC's inception, ACHRC have achieved the following successes.
The Rehabilitation Centre has being able to rehabilitate 15 commercial sex workers and have integrated them into the society.
It has also trained 268 Youths including 50 Muslim women at Alec Brooks Centre for Youth Development. Currently, 30 youths are under skills training in Sewing,Tye and Dye batik making and Hair Dressing.
A foundation stone will soon be laid for our HAPPY FAMILY HOMES i.e.. the permanent homes for the orphans at Tanoso 65 miles north of Kumasi. A Town with all the Social amenities including 24hour Electricity, Pipe borne water and a Health centre an ideal place for a rural orphanage .INTRODUCTION

Presently in Ghana a total of about 60,000 people are infected with the HIV/AIDS disease. This is about 3% of the total population. Almost 75% of the infection is through sexual intercourse. It is estimated that bout 200 people are infected daily (Ghana AIDS Commission, 2000) with the disease. However, it is suspected that the real number could even be higher than this because most people do not go to hospitals for test. The general attitude in the rural areas of the country is that the disease is not real. They believe that it is a SPIRITUAL DISEASE. This wrong concept of the disease needs to be corrected.

The current national approach of tackling the disease is reducing stigmatization of infected people and reducing the prevalence rate from the current 3.6% (national rate). Another alarming effect of the disease is the increasing number of AIDS orphans. Presently there are about 119, 482 AIDS orphans in Ghana.


African Homes and Rehabilitation Centre was set up in 1997 and was registered as a non profit organization (NGO) with the department of Social Welfare and the Register Generals Department. Since its establishment, ACHRC has been very active in rehabilitating destitute and street children. The focus of our activities has been to provide them with employable skills such as Tie & Dye, Batik, Sewing and Dress making. To date, ACHRC has trained over 268 youth in various skill areas and there are currently 30 youth under training.

ACHRC is based in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. However our work covers over sixty communities within the Kumasi Metropolitan Area. In the past three years and a half years we have also focused our attention on caring and supporting People Living With HIV AIDS (PLWHA), Commercial Sex Workers and AIDS orphans. We are currently have over 30 PLWHAs and 35 AIDS orphans under our care. Our outreach teams visit these patients twice daily providing care and support and counseling service to both patients and their Caregivers.

ACHRC is headed by the founder and Director. He works closely with a Coordinator and administrative staff. The organization also has a number of social workers who work actively in the field. The organization also maintains close links a number of external consultants in various technical fields.

The organization has close links with Samaritan Pause and West African Project to Combat Aids Kumasi office. We also maintain close contact with a number of Community Based Organizations (CBO), Metropolitan District Assemblies.


Surrounding the catchments area of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) are a large number of communities that rely solely on the Kumasi Metropolis for their livelihood. They use the commercial and social facilities of the metropolitan Assembly. However these communities are very rural in character. The attraction of the city draws the able bodied youth from these communities to Kumasi to undertake menial jobs like porters, shoeshine, petty trading, and house help and in some cases commercial sex work.

The harsh conditions under which they live push them to indulge in all sorts of risky behaviour including unprotected sex. Eventually, when HIV/AIDS catches up with them, they return to their communities. However, because of the stigmatization attached to the disease, they are neglected and abandoned by their families. These PLWHA's then become a social problem. In Ghana there is no established social welfare system to support these types of people. They are usually left to their fate with no care or support.


The overall goal of the project is to reduce to prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS among the youth and women in the Ashanti region.

The objectives of the project are:

(a) PROMOTING HEALTH and welfare of youth and women
(b) PROVIDING HEALTH support services to HIV/AIDS victims.
(c) GIVING Financial support to HIV/AIDS victims and AIDS Orphans and PLWHA.
(d) COMBAT the spread of HIV/AIDS pandemic among our people in our communities.
(e) Working in partnership with government and International Agencies.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Our N.G.O. have already targeted five segments in our community. They are the trainees HAIRDRESSERS, DRESSMAKERS, COMMERCIAL SEX WORKERS, YOUTH AND WOMEN, STUDENTS IN SECOND CYCLE INSTITUTION who are identified as potential high-risk groups for HIV/AIDS.


(1) ADVOCACY in second circle institution ---TO CHANGE behavior of students and youth in own community.

(2) CAPACITY TRAINING --- TO TRAIN more youth, Aids Orphans and Victims to generate income.

(3) MOBILIZING RESOURCE to support peer Educators to deliver and meet N.G.Os. Target for IE&C coverage. SUPPORT EFFECTIVELY to achieve good results.

(4) ESTABLISHED DIALOGUE with Executives of Dressmakers, Hairdressers, other Learning association, youth and women Commercial sex workers and students in Second circle institutions. --- HAVE ALREADY created Greater awareness on HIV/AIDS Pandemic.

(5) Create awareness on HIV/AIDS among the target groups. --- CHANGE OF ATTITUDE and perception towards HIV/AIDS

(6) Training Peer Educators in techniques for HIV/AIDS control. Training at all levels, Community, towns and farmlands. --- ACCESS TO HIV/AIDS information materials.

(7) Promoting distribution of condoms. --- ACCESS TO THE MAXIMUM use of condom.

(8) Reduce Incidence on HIV/AIDS among our target group. REFERRALS TO HOSPITALS for treatment and Blood checking have help people greatly.


The N.G.O. started a workshop two years ago for Aids Orphans and commercial sex workers.
Out of about 300 Aids Orphans we have about 30 various schools, which benefit under our care and support program.
There are many street children and children in our community who lack school and cannot go to school and some HIV/AIDS victims whose children will like to come to the school. They are over burden on the N.G.O. and without any financial help we can not accept more then we can.


2 OBJECTIVE Conducting survey in the District,Community,Farmlands,towns and villages, by improving access to information and education and communication, to educate the target group about the transmitting of HIV/AIDS and its effects. ACTIVITIES Conduct survey, identify and register target groups, start up workshop, Train peer Educators, information Distribution,
Educational campaign, promotional of condom usage, follow up workshops supervision. Advocacy capacity building, Evaluation of programmed impact COST ESTIMATE: